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We use so-called device identifiers or cookies to customize content and ads to you as a user, provide social media features and analyze our traffic to be even better. We at use cookies for marketing, statistics and user-specific settings to create a better experience for you. Here you can both save your cakes and eat them!

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The browser you use to visit is registered. In your browser settings you can choose to limit the use of cookies. Please note that such restrictions may also limit the functionality of the website.
Type of cookies at uses session cookies and cookies that are stored for longer periods of time, as well as regular and flash-based cookies and similar files with the same purpose, such as so-called “cookies”. “Beacons” (The Concept has chosen to name all these files as cookies). Cookies can also be divided into different types depending on the use they have.
The following types of cookies are used on The Concept domain:

  • Basic Cookies: Necessary for some features on the website, such as user identification, enabling account login.
  • Function-oriented cookies: used to remember website visitors’ preferences and preferences.
  • Tracking and marketing-oriented cookies: used to analyze and provide website visitors with relevant ads.
  • Performance-oriented cookies: used to monitor the website’s functionality and performance and facilitate troubleshooting and remediation.
  • Cookies to and from third parties: these cookies are of tracking, marketing, and performance-oriented type. They primarily aim to give the website visitor relevant ads. Third party is responsible for cookies that it has placed on The Concepts domain.

Cookies may be restricted in your browser. For more information on how this is done, please see the linked help section for the most common browsers:
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To see which specific cookies are active, the free add-on program “Ghostery” ( is recommended to your browser that tracks all cookies activity on visited websites.

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