Frequently Asked Questions

A visit to The Concept should be a fantastic experience from beginning to end. Below you will find answers to the most common questions that are asked to us.

When should I be in place?
We open the doors at 19.00

Do I need a ticket?
You do not need tickets, the reservation is in the name you booked in.

How do I book tickets?
Click here to book or contact our booking.
Please note that we work cash-free at The Concept.

What should we eat and drink?
Our menu is secret and is best experienced in place. Drink packages can be pre-ordered or when you are seated at the table.

How do I do if I’m allergic to certain foods?
We will of course solve so that you get food that you can eat, so make sure to report any food allergies or the need for special diets at least one week before your visit. You do this by emailing us at info@showtic.se.

I want to celebrate someone in the company, can you arrange something?
Would you like to celebrate someone in the company or if you have something special to celebrate so please inform us before arrival, email us at info@showtic.se

Can I photograph or film during the evening?
Gladly! Photography, movie and sound recording with video camera or cell phone is allowed for personal use, such as memory, sharing on Facebook, instagram or the like. Don’t forget to tag us #theconcept. Please send in nice pictures and movies to us at info@wallmansgroup.com. However, the material may not be used for commercial purposes.

How do we do if someone in the company is disabled?
When booking, state if someone is wheelchair accessible or has other aids. We have a disabled toilet.

We will be late, what will happen?
In case of delays of more than 30 minutes, we are grateful if you inform us about this the same evening. Call the restaurant directly on XXXXXXXX.

Which dress is applicable?
Cared for upholstery, not abrasive.

Will the sound level be high?
We pay attention to our guests that it can sometimes be a high noise level.

What about mobile phones?
For everyone’s convenience, mobile phones should be silent throughout their stay.

Where can I park?

What do you have for age limit?
The age limit is 18 years every day. The entertainment is not child-friendly and the sound level can sometimes be high.

Have you not received an answer to your question?
Call Showtic guest visa on 0771-13 43 00, send us an email directly here or write a line on Facebook.

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